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community project grant

 Whilst employed as Manager of the Perth Observatory Volunteer Group, Francesca led the development and production of a large Lotterywest community project grant

In 2018, funding of $958,890 was awarded to protect Perth Observatory’s heritage and cultural history and establish a Living Museum of Science and Technology

The grant covered ten interconnected projects spread over 3 years. Funds were allocated for a variety of works including heritage preservation, celebration of cultural history, improving access for visitors and providing volunteer resources. 

Perth Observatory Lotterywest Grant
Perth Observatory Lotterywest Grant
Perth Observatory Lotterywest Grant
Perth Observatory Lotterywest Grant

cultural history

  • Creation of the Worl Wangkiny Aboriginal Astronomy Centrea collaborative public artwork at Perth Observatory. The project involves Artists, Elders and high-school students and will celebrate 60,000 years of Aboriginal sky stories.
  • Capture of oral histories from people who worked at or were closely associated with Perth Observatory during its history. This information will be shared to bring depth to our understanding of the past.
Perth Observatory Lotterywest Grant
Perth Observatory Heritage Preservation
Perth Observatory Lotterywest Grant
Perth Observatory Telescope Kalamunda

heritage preservation

  • Redevelopment of the Perth Observatory museum to enhance visitor experience and promote appreciation for its rich history.
  • Repair of rare historical clocks and instruments to offer a unique visitor experience of global significance. 
  • Installation of signage for the Astrograph telescope to enhance visitor learning through visual displays that promote understanding of its history.
  • Preservation of over 30,000 glass photographic plates that document 120 years of Australian astronomy, including electronic cataloging to allow access by the community.
  • Installation of outdoor signage to enhance visitor experience, encourage learning, and provide a safe and accessible environment.
  • Establish storage facilities to protect historical paper records that contain the entire narrative of the longest standing Government Observatory in Australia, allowing access for generations to come. 
Perth Observatory Telescope Kalamunda
Perth Observatory Telescope Kalamunda
Perth Observatory Kalamunda


Improve disability access and         inclusion at Perth Observatory :

– Safe and easy-to-use electronic cart to transport visitors around the site. 

– Electronic access to historical telescope domes for visitors unable to access stairs. This will allow them to participate and interact with group discussions and tours from a viewing area. 

volunteer resources

Improve facilities for over 120 dedicated POVG volunteers:

 Enable  volunteers to comfortably and safely prepare food on-site.

 Improve facilities for social gatherings for POVG volunteers through installation of an outdoor BBQ area. 

Tasks undertaken as part of the Perth Observatory Lotterywest grant include:

  • Scoping and costing of works
  • Consultation with subcontractors, community groups and other stakeholders
  • Budgeting and resource allocation
  • Schedule and programming
  • Grant writing
  • Management of implementation works
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