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tourism strategy for local government

Whilst engaged as Chair of the Kalamunda Tourism Community Reference Group, Francesca led production of the Kalamunda Tourism Development Strategy in partnership with the City of Kalamunda.  

The Kalamunda Tourism Development Strategy is designed to guide the City in achieving their tourism vision by providing a community-led framework for tourism planning, destination branding and product marketing over 6 years (2019 – 2025).

Kalamunda National Park
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Kalamunda Artisan Market
Sunset from Kalamunda

tourism community reference group

The City of Kalamunda adopted a unique approach to developing the Strategy by engaging the Tourism Community Reference Group to bring a community focus.  

The TCRG focused on protecting the area’s natural beauty and cultural heritage,  supporting local businesses and residents, and coordinating a key network of individuals motivated to drive change. 

 Community consultation played a pivotal role in development of the Strategy and over 150 individuals attended workshops to  provide feedback.  The community shared their hopes and expectations from tourism, leading to a one-of-a-kind Strategy with strong local buy-in. 

"TOURISM Developed BY the community, FOR the community...."  

Kalamunda State Forest
Kalamunda Tourism Development Strategy
Kalamunda Bickley Valley Tourism

community engagement

Six community engagement workshops were held between September and October 2018. Workshops focused on key tourism sectors specific to Kalamunda:

  • Food, beverage & agri-tourism
  • Aboriginal heritage
  • History, arts & culture
  • Active outdoor adventures
  • Special events
  • Tourism support services, infrastructure, marketing & planning

Detailed feedback was sought from the community on the key strengths, opportunities and constraints facing the development of tourism in Kalamunda.

The workshops were attended by over 150 individuals including local residents, business owners, tourism operators, community organisations, local and State government and  tourism agencies.

"endorsed and supported by the local community...."

strategic action plans

The Strategy summarises key feedback from the workshops and incorporates it into 5 Tourism Strategies. Each Tourism Strategy has an Action Plan designed to guide the City in achieving the Strategy.

  • Create and maintain welcoming, inclusive and accessible facilities for visitors to enjoy the natural and built environment.  
  • Leverage and protect Kalamunda’s natural beauty and award-winning attractions to grow destination appeal and recognition. 
  • Develop arts, heritage and culture opportunities that engage creative investment, participation and community pride.
  • Further develop the Kalamunda tourism brand and destination marketing to raise awareness and inspire visitor interest.
  • Encourage an innovative and collaborative tourism industry that supports local business and drives economic growth.

"comprehensive and all-encompassing tourism development strategy that clearly sets direction......"

Tasks included planning and hosting community engagement workshops, stakeholder and third-party liaison, engagement with State Government and tourism industry bodies, and authoring of the Tourism Development Strategy.

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